Meet The Owner

My name is Dashaun Raines, and I am the owner of "Through Da Legacy". I started "Through Da Legacy" to prove to people that they don't have to let others define them and their legacy. I wanted to create a brand that had a dope story/ message behind it that people could connect with and be inspired by so they could go on and achieve great things. "TDL" is about more than selling clothes. It's about creating a community!

How TDL Started

The movement behind Through Da Legacy started with a young man named Dashaun Raines who saw the struggles that people faced in their everyday lives and wanted to make a difference.

Ever since Dashaun was a child, he experienced a great deal of hardship throughout his life, which ultimately motivated him to make a change in life.

In January of 2023, to get his message out, Dashaun decided to start a clothing brand, so he could spread his awareness through something that people would buy, which is apparel.

What Through Da Legacy Means

Through Da Legacy means no matter your past hardships, or whatever you had to face in life, you define your own legacy. No one can dictate how your life or your legacy goes except for you because only you have the power to define it for yourself.